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I was twelve years old when I began training under professional artist and illustrator Marit Guild, learning the foundations of classical, representational art. Marit recommended that I continue my education at her Alma Mater, Pensacola Christian College, under the tutelage of Society of Illustrators member Mr. Brian Jekel—which is exactly what I did, graduating summa cum laude with my Bachelor of Science degree in visual arts with a concentration in commercial art. I've worked as a studio artist since that time, and my association memberships include the Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society. I am currently represented by Cutter and Cutter Fine Art Galleries in St. Augustine, FL, and have paintings in private collections throughout the United States and abroad.


I sincerely, absolutely love and worship my creator and savior Jesus Christ. Without Him, I would not have the ability of cognizant thought, much less be able to lift brush to canvas. I owe Him everything; He gives my life purpose. In Jesus Christ alone there is hope, joy, forgiveness, justice, and truth. If you are living in confusion, despair, shame, or bitterness, I urge you to turn to Jesus. Surrendering to Him, serving Him, and accepting the overwhelming mercy He continually provides is the only lifestyle that makes being worthwhile.


As an artist, I want my art not only to be masterful in technique, but also to engage the viewer’s mind. My artistic influences include great past American, Russian, and European masters including John Singer Sargent, Anders Zorn, William Bouguereau, and Ilya Repin, as well as contemporary masters such as Christopher Blossom, Mian Situ, Scott Christensen, and Daniel Gerhartz. These artists exemplify the union of technique and narrative that I also hope to achieve. As an artist working on the Florida Gulf Coast, I am especially drawn to the maritime landscapes inherent to that geographical area: coastal scenes of the bays, inlets, and beaches, as well as the working boats that come into the Port of Pensacola and nearby marinas. The behemoths of the petroleum industry are rather unique subjects; collectors have responded positively to their massive, complex aesthetic. I also find narrative figurative compositions incredibly compelling, and my forays into the genre have won national awards as well as inspired collectors around the country to add these pieces to their collections.




We have Christian's painting as the centerpiece of our house, so people can notice it on the way in and we can talk about it! My wife and I have said that if there's a fire, it's the first thing we'd rescue!

Joel Sigler

Seminarian / Husband
When I first saw "Duck Trio Lullaby," I knew it had to be mine! The sweet, sleepy ducks captured my heart and all of the fine details and textures intrigued me. I made the investment and happily awake to this fine work of art every morning. It will never go out of style nor cease to amaze me. I could not be more pleased!

Lauren Clarke

Quality Analyst
As a non-profit leader, we rely on community individuals and businesses from all professions to support our mission to impact the lives of children in Northwest Florida. The support of financial gifts to in-kind donations ensures our success in all we do from programming to special events. Christian Hemme has been a community partner since 2014 through his in-kind gift of what he does best, ART! Thank you Christian for always willing to step outside to help your community. Our Littles are blessed to have you on their side!

Paula Shell

President & CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida
My absolute favorite photograph I took in the White Mountains was commissioned & now birthed into an original Christian Hemme oil painting. Finally completed, it stole my breath & made me tear up in excitement. I love art & this will bring me years of joy!

Dorothy Shannon


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First City Juried Show

Olympic Boa awarded the Award of Excellence at Quayside Gallery's First City Juried Show. Pensacola, Florida: May 2017.

Richeson 75

Juried into the Richeson 75 Small Works exhibition, hosted by the Richeson School of Art and Gallery, Kimberly, WI. Paintings honored: L&N 1148 and Olympic Boa, February 2017.

Art Renewal Center

Finalist, Landscape Category, International 2016/2017 ARC Salon. Painting honored: St. Peter Paul. January 2017.

Wildscapes Exhibition

Juried into the inaugural Wildscapes exhibition, hosted by The Bennington Center for the Arts. Painting honored: Union of Ypsilon and Fairchild. May 2016.

Richeson 75

Juried into the Richeson 75 Landscapes, Seascapes, & Architecture exhibition, hosted by the Richeson School of Art and Gallery, Kimberly, WI. Paintings honored: Other Side of the Global and Dorado Dockside. May 2016.

Small Works Show

Juried into the annual Small Works Show, hosted by The Bennington Center for the Arts. Paintings honored: Taraden Barn and Bennington Congregational. April 2016.

Art Renewal Center

Traveling Exhibition, MEAM Barcelona, Spain; Salmagundi Club, New York City, NY. Painting honored: Texas of the South Pacific. October 2015–February 2016.

Maritime Art Gallery

Finalist, Thirty-Sixth International Marine Art Exhibition. Painting honored: Olympic Boa. October 2015.

Oil Painters of America

Juried Salon Show Of Traditional Oils, Birmingham, AL. Painting honored: Other Side of the Global. October 2015.

Oil Painters of America

Finalist, Spring Online Showcase. Painting honored: Blue is Red. May 2015.

Art Renewal Center

First Place, Landscape Category, International 2014/2015 ARC Salon. Painting honored: Texas of the South Pacific. May 2015.

FASO Boldbrush Competition

FAV15%. Paintings honored: Olympic Boa, Live Oak Cluster, and Commander’s Launch. April 2015.

Oil Painters of America

National Juried Exhibition, Outstanding Composition and Technique Award of Excellence. Painting honored: Texas of the South Pacific. St. Augustine, FL: April 2015.

FASO Boldbrush Competition

2nd place. Painting honored: Texas of the South Pacific. January 2015.

Southwest Art Magazine

Artistic Excellence Competition, Top 75 Runners Up. Painting honored: Textures of the Gulf. December 2014.

Cutter and Cutter Galleries

Small Works Exhibition: November 2014.

Cutter and Cutter Galleries

Representation by Cutter and Cutter Fine Art Galleries: November 2014.

The Artist's Magazine

The Artist’s Magazine Annual Competition, Textures of the Gulf: November 2014.

Milton/Bagdad Plein Air Paintout

Best of Show, L&N 1148: October 2014.

FASO Boldbrush Competition

FAV15%, Joe Patti’s DuskSeptember 2014

Oil Painters of America

Eastern Regional Exhibition, Cincinnati, OH: September 2014. Painting honored: Capt-Peter II.

Informed Collector

Issue #1426, “Informed Collector Recommends Robert Christian Hemme”: August 12, 2014.

FASO Boldbrush Competition

FAV15%, Dockyard Sunset: August 2014.

FASO Boldbrush Competition

FAV15%, Dockyard Sunset: July 2014.

FASO Boldbrush Competition

Fav15%, Global 1200 and Big Red: June 2014.

Oil Painters of America

Spring Online Showcase, 2nd Place: June 2014. Painting Honored: Blue is Red.

Oil Painters of America

National Juried Exhibition, Bennington, VT: June 2014. Painting honored: Textures of the Gulf.

American Art Collector Magazine

Image and name in Art Show Preview: June, 2014.

First City Juried Show

Connie Bell Memorial Award given to Capt-Peter IIPensacola, FL: May 2014.

FASO Boldbrush Competition

FAV15%, Textures of the Gulf: April 2014.

Solo Exhibition

Mercedes of Dothan, Dothan, AL: November 2013.

Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art

2013 National Show, Scottsdale, AZ: November 2013. Painting honored: Capt-Peter II.

FASO Boldbrush Competition

Finalist: One Love, January 2013.

Paint the Parks Competition

6th Annual Show: January 2013. Painting honored: Stream through the Sanguine.

Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art

2012 annual show, Scottsdale, AZ: February 2012. Painting honored: Union of Ypsilon and Fairchild.

You Be The Judge Art Contest

Hosted by Brian Neher Fine Art, Finalist, February: 2012. Painting honored: Harmony in Violet.

1st Annual Plein Air Salon Competition

Hosted by Plein Air Magazine, Finalist: November/December , 2011. Painting honored: Introspection.

Lasting Impressions Online Charity Art Sale

Group show, proceeds of which helped the Schoharie Valley region of New York rebuild after the devastating effects of Hurricane Irene: 2011.

Two-person Show

Charleston House Gallery, Montgomery, AL: 2011.

Solo Exhibition

Gallery Zarragossa, Pensacola, FL: 2011.

Weekender Magazine

Article, “Hemme Gets Solo Showcase at Gallery Zarragossa”: July, 2011.

Georgia Watercolor Society

National Exhibition: 2011.

Georgia Watercolor Society

National Exhibition Catalogue: April, 2011.

Southwest Art Magazine

“Youthful Success” mini-article in “I Saw It in SWA!” section: January, 2011.

21 Under 31 Competition

Southwest Art Magazine: 2nd Place, 2010. Painting honored: A Broken Heart.

First City Juried Show

Hosted by the Quayside Gallery, Pensacola, FL. Merchandise Award, 2010.

Paint the Parks100

National contest and show: finalist, 2009. Painting honored: Alluvial Boulders.

Commencement Art Contest

Pensacola Christian College: First Place, Color, 2007; First Place, Black and White, 2008; First Place, Color, 2009.

Richard Schmid Charity Auction

Invited Participant, Rist Canyon, CO: 2008. Painting honored: Peach Morning.

First City Juried Show

John E. Frenkel, Jr. Memorial Award, 2008.